About Us

Olimpos Pharma has been established with 20 years experinced professional staff team which have OTC,hair care, face care, body care also such as solar Dermo­Cosmetics experienced managing team. 

Thanks to our professional staff we focused Turkish Dermocosmetic Market and decide selective product which is organic­based , plant based, health­friendly and specialized laboratory,under control of pharmacists ,biochemists, professionals. 

Olimpos Pharma; ensuring that the distributor or products manufactured by itself, makes the precision wound to choose forty and aims to make the most respected and most trusted brand in the market. 20 years of experience in the industry, combining with the professional staff and financial strength, our company OTC, respectful of human hair and personal care products, health and environment friendly as always be on your side, natural and wellness criteria for always giving priority aims to human happiness. 
Olimpos Pharma products today and tomorrow, with the hope to be next to you.